Claire Zhao


The Challenge

BMW did not rank in any category in the recent digital trends study and was 7th on a Gartner study from 2016. With most new car buyers discovering brands through digital platforms, this is a major problem for BMW. BMW was looking to improve its overall appeal with younger / new car shoppers in the US marketing by enhancing the brand’s digital marketing footprint across each phase of the digital marketing funnel.



The Solution

Created a 1-month digital marketing campaign - “The Future of Performance” to communicate BMW’s new environmental & technology-driven value proposition targeting late Millennials & early Gen Z potential customers. The campaign included a Google Search Campaign, Tiktok Challenge, KOL/KOC test drive Youtube videos, etc, in order to attract younger target audiences by leveraging new content formats and social channels they are into.




Expected Results

15% increase in BMW test drive sign-up rate among younger, first time car shoppers (under age 35) in one month.


Scope of Work

01 Foundation & Digital Marketing Channel Analysis

02 Customer Journey Mapping 

03 Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy 

04 Budget, Measurement & Optimization Plan

Using Format