Claire Zhao

The Challenge

Patagonia men’s & women’s waterproof rain jackets have poor Search Engine Visibility, meaning the brand is missing out on website visitors and potential sales revenue.  The objective was to improve Patagonia's search visibility with the desired outcome of a sales growth through organic and paid search campaigns. 



The Solution

Developed a 6-week search engine marketing campaign including Patagonia website SEO improvement and Paid Search Campaign by telling the story of "Better performance, better planet" to highlight product's unique benefits, in order to improve the website search engine result ranking, boost website traffic and potential sales.  




Expected Results

15% increase in website Search Traffic over the 6-week campaign.

5% increase in website Search Conversion over the 6-week campaign.

3% sales conversion of Paid-per-click ads over the 6-week campaign.

#1 Google SERP of waterproof rain jackets in 3 months.


Scope of Work

01 SEO Audit & Keywords Strategy

02 SEO Content Copywriting 

03 Paid Google Search Campaign (PPC)

04 Budget, Measurement & Optimization Plan

Using Format