Claire Zhao


The Challenge

Sprout Social is a B2B SaaS company providing an all-in-one social media management platform for businesses of all sizes. The company owns industry-leading scalability, innovation & technology capability. However, the brand ranks low in awareness, search and social engagement comparing to its competitors. The challenge was to improve Sprout Social’s digital marketing footprint for awareness and potential business growth.



The Solution

Acquiring new customers targeting start-up users by telling the story of “Unleash the power of social for your growth” through a 3-month digital marketing campaign. Creating a 90s video on the sign-up landing page to demonstrate why start-up users need a social media management tool, and how Sprout Social can help them work effortlessly, efficiently & effectively.






Expected Results

20% increase in Free Trial sign-up rate by the end of 3-month campaign.

8% increase in Paid Standard Plan sign-up rate by the end of 3-month campaign.

Top 3 Google SERP by the end of 3-month campaign.


Scope of Work

01 Customer Journey Mapping

02 Content Copywriting & Calendar

03 Digital Marketing Strategy

04 Email Drip Campaign

05 Landing Page Strategy

06 Budget, Measurement & Optimization Plan

Using Format